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Clipboard Manager

Manage all image and text clipboards on a windows. Compatible with the Snipping Tool on Mac and Windows.


Xclippy is a innovative screenshot tool lets users screen capture and edit screenshot. + + x

Quick Access

Using hot keys or context menu bar to pick a clip. Just only press + + v is all need to remember. To select the history item you wish to copy, use COMMAND (⌘) + 0..9 shortcut.

Screenshot OCR

Xclippy Screenshot OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is your key to effortless text extraction from pictures. Supports recognizing more than 100+ languages around the world.

Take Screenshot

Focus on editing photo directly on the your screen

Screenshot OCR

Custom intercept the area you want for OCR content extraction

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Our customer stories

Razzy Reds

-- Accountant --
This app is one of the most useful on my Mac. I no longer have to go back and forth between programs to copy multiple items. I copy them all one at a time from the source document and then use Xclippy to select and paste into the destination.


-- Salesman --
As a salesperson I need to save customer information. I use Xclippy's template, it saves me a lot of time.

Dzung Dao

-- Data Engineer --
Xclippy is a helpful tool for people who are struggling with answering millions of customers' questions. I've found it works out with the Template function which helps me to save answer forms so that I can provide a fast and accurate customer service and improve my response rate. Highly recommend for customer-centric businesses


-- IT --
When it's running, I never have to worry that I am copy and pasting between many windows, knowing that I have to repaste the same data multiple times. It's just there when I need it. I work in IT - and we have documented commands that I have to run many times, or input values which are LONG strings and typing them is a pain, and they are in the output from some other command, document, or request from users, and I copy and paste all the times.

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